Screenwriting and Directing Workshops

Mairi Sutherland has written 3 screenplays and is most known for the feature film Red Rose about the life of the poet Robert Burns, which was distributed by HBO in Central Europe and translated into 12 different languages after it's cinema release in the UK in 2005.

During the development phase of the script she gained the Hollywood agent Mike Wise, who pitched it to Robert Chartoff, producer of Raging Bull, and Rocky for which he gained an Oscar. This lead to the introduction to the script to the development department of Chartoff Productions, whilst they did not go on to make the film, Mairi worked with them there for over a year on Red Rose and during that time learned about Hollywood screenplay structure. 

 Since then she has written two other screenplays. Her second film which she also directed is called Photoshoot and this was about a Paparazzi who stalked a Hollywood actress to get photos for a Magazine spread. Her third screen play Going Green, was about a family whose house was repossessed, forcing them to re-evaluate their lifestyle and make a new life in the Highlands of Scotland.

Her films have received festival awards around the world with Red Rose receiving a Best Actress Award from the Monaco Film Festival and again for Photoshoot in 2011 at the Worthing Film Festival. All these films are available on Amazon's world wide film and DVD platforms and other streaming sites.

As a film Director she made 2 feature films, Photoshoot and Going Green and she belongs to the rare 5% of women in the film industry who have Directed a film.

Her achievements with her screenplay Red Rose lead her to teach the subject of Robert Burns at the University of Strathclyde department of Life Long Learning in 2012 -14. She has a degree in History and Politics along with Education so she has taught both children and adults a variety subjects in different settings. 

This year sees her launch into teaching Workshops about the art of screen writing structure, film directing and film producing. If you would like to host a workshop please get in touch at [email protected]

Cell 07736 800 774