I have always been a writer of scripts from the early stages of my broadcasting career when I was writing for local features for BBC Radio Scotland for 6 years between 1988 and 1994  when I reported  written recorded packages on a local magazine programme for which I also hosted a live consumer slot. Prior to that at University I was a compiler and contributor of the Student newspaper Brig and even before then as a child won a prize for my poetry from the national  UK School's Platignum Competition.

 I have written 5 screenplays, the first being Red Rose about the life of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It went on to become a film, that was widely seen as a theatrical release in Scotland and there 500,000 DVD's were distributed  by the Sun Newspaper. This success lead the film to being bought by HBO for Central Europe and they translated it into over 11 different languages across Eastern Europe for Satellite TV. It then went on to being translated into Mandarin for Chinese Television. Today it remains the only film to have been made about Robert Burns in over 50 years. It received the award Best Actress at the Monaco Film Festival

After that I then went on to write the story Photoshoot, which was also made into a film about a fictional character, May Hudson, (Debbie Arnold) who was stalked by a paparazzi for Magazine photos of her. Despite not being photographed for years Wayne Wilson (John Altman) managed to take the snaps but in the process he is caught by May who unhappily imprisons him in her home until she can make a deal over the pictures. It became a successful film garnering a Best Actress Award for Debbie Arnold.

The next film and screenplay was Going Green, a story about a family whose house has been repossessed, which leads them to rethink their lifestyle. Instead of going homeless they take off to the haunts of their youth in Scotland camping, where they meet some new agers who show them another life awaits, if they only but try for a new future without the rat race. This film remains a popular title on Amazon Prime.

Since then I have written a screenplay about the life of the renown International film maker Jenny Gilbertson, who is considered a female pioneer in the field of documentary video for Television between the 1930's and 70's. In all she made 27 films, some about the Shetland Island crofters (Scotland) where she lived, but many were also about the community life of the Inuits (Canada) in the Arctic region, where she travelled extensively to make films for CBS, BBC as well as the famous John Grierson Distribution for the GPO.  The screenplay is completed and this project is now in development with the experienced film Director Yvonne Deuchman attached.

Next up is a story about the fabled legend of the Irish sagas Niall of the Nine Hostages, who captured all of Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern France during the fifth century, when he was to become known for his warrior prowess. His one claim to fame among others was that one in 5 men in Donegal and 1 in 10 men in Ireland have his DNA, in that they have been descended from him. In finding this out about this it was clear there was a story to be told about how that had happened - a tale about his captured hostages, in a place called the Mound of the Hostages in Tara, among his extensive love affairs. Clearly there is romance, but also much warring tribes, in this fantasy story about a life among the Druid fables of Celtic Folklore.

Epsiode one has been written alongside the treatment for a proposed twelve part TV series. So far the project is in development while seeking finance and production partners.