Walking With Elephants

  • My role in the documentary called Walking With Elephants is as Producer of some of its elements as well as co operating with the financier Red Rock Entertainment. I assisted in the research and helped set up some of the interviews about the difficulties being faced by the species. Elephants are on the decline due mostly because they are a threat to human settlements, where they eat the food, water and crops. Often Elephants deaths are applauded by the population. How can this perception be changed so Elephants can co-exist with humans and be removed from the endangered species list? Fully Funded.

Private John Smith, Passchendaele

This is the story of the descendants of soldiers, who were in the world war one battle of Passch‚Äčendaele. It is told through the eyes of Mairi's grandfather Private John Smith who lived through the battle, gained injuries from Mustard Gas and experienced shell shock and recovery in Craiglockhart hospital, where it is believed he met the war poets Wildfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. His experiences lead him to write about the war through the means of poetry, which he wrote during most of his life. Some of his poems were about the war. Mairi uncovers her grandfathers history through the discovery of his journals and notebooks. The project marked part of the World War One commemorations in the UK, while Mairi attended the International Commemoration in Ypres, Belgium in 2017. It continued in 2018 and the film is in post production. Seeking completion finance.

New Projects - Sans Peur Productions

Mairi has also started a new company called Sans Peur Productions Ltd. For it she is developing new subjects for films. Currently to keep costs down she has opted to write some new screenplays on a variety of subjects. The first screenplay is about the Scottish documentary maker, Jenny Gilbertson, who was known for her charming films about Scottish Islanders in the 1930's and her ground breaking stories and images of the Canadian Inuit Community in the 1980's.  Secondly Mairi is writing the first episode of a proposed 12 part TV series, on the multiple adventures of the real life character Niall of the Nine Hostages. Further to that she is also developing an  a screenplay set in 1920's Patagonia during the massacres of General Valera, when Scottish emigrants were caught up in the revolution there.  There is also a strand of environmental documentaries in development with 2 at the research stage. One about the use of plastic and the other is a compilation of human stories about the Californian Wildfires in Butte County and Malibu. This slate marks a departure from working solely and exclusively with her ex husband's company Palm Tree, where she is now only a 20 percent shareholder with no significant control. All of these projects have opportunities for investors to make a contribution and benefit from a new company seeking finance.