I am also available to  Executive producers and Co-Producers as a Line Producer, a hired hand as it were. I will put together a film on the ground for a Producer above me working to their brief creating the impetus and environment to put the film into action, hiring crew and supervising all the elements that will make a production come to life. At the moment I am the Line Producer for the feature film Calum's Way,  which is about the Scottish Highland crofter Calum Macleod who defied the authorities to build his own road to his house, where there had been no road, in the crofting community of Raasay when the Island was diminishing economically. Calum's actions helped to rebuild the dying community and stopped the de-population of the Island. Set in the 1970's this film is a heartwarming inspiring  story. The script is written by director Vincent Woods, this year, in a Production with the Distributor Parkland Pictures helmed by John Cairns.  I am delighted to be involved at the early stages of the film funding and preparations for this film.