Current Projects

  Completed 2019 

Walking with Elephants

This is a documentary about the decline of the Elephant population in Africa. It is directed by CEO of Palm Tree and Executive Producer, Robbie Moffat and I co-produced it along side  him with financing from Red Rock Entertainment. 

Completed Available for TV and VOD

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Private John Smith - From Passchendaele to Liberation 1945 Documentary and Screenplay

This is a short documentary about the life of my grandfather Private John Smith who was at the battle of Passchendaele in World War One. He survived the battle and ended up in Craiglockhart Hospital where he met Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, the War poets. Through their example he wrote poetry which helped him to overcome shell shock. The film looks at the legacy of work he left and also interviews from descendants who have stories about how their fore-bearers coped with the battle and its aftermath. I have extended the story to include his adventures in World War Two when he worked in the Home Defence Department defending the Firth of Forth from Nazi U boats. I am developing a screenplay based on his work in World War two and at the moment it is at the research stages of development. For now I'm choosing to write screenplays based on autobiographical subjects because they are completely original and far and beyond anything I could make up myself.

Other feature film screenplays and projects are in development with Palm Tree Universal currently as well as a number of projects that are the sole property of myself Not all my development projects are exclusively with Palm Tree Films.