Mairi is not only a film maker but also an artist. She is listed in the International Directory of Luciano Benetton's Imago Mundi project as a Contemporary Artist of Scotland for 2017 to 2018. She earned this distinction because of the landscape she painted of the West Coast Scottish Island of Tanera Mor, the place where her paternal grandmother lived.  At school in her early years, it was recognised that she had a talent for Art and this was to come to fruition when she received the highest mark in Scotland for the O'Grades Qualifications. She got off to an early start because one of her local teachers was the the renown Scottish landscape painter Archie Sutter Watt (of the loosely termed 'Galloway School of Art') who taught her the basics at an young age.  However she was not to make it to Art school and instead was guided into taking take a History Degree and Politics at Stirling University because then Art was not considered a proper career for her. However she got her own back by doing the subject the Social and Aesthetic Response to Industrialisation for her History dissertation, with the hope that this would bring her back to an artistic career eventually.  This course gave her the chance to  study the works of the Pre- Raphaelite Movement and those of William Morris,William Blake and many others.

In recent years she has begun to build her portfolio. She has exhibited her works at the Art Village of Scotland Gallery in Shawlands, Glasgow in 2016 to 2017 and in  Cannes, France. Her main influences are from the historical Galloway Artists of Kirkcudbright and its surrounding region, including that of Hornel, Jessie M King, and of course Archie Sutter Watt. At the moment her projects are on going with more studies of the island of Tanera Mor and a project for 2019 on the flora, forests and wildlife of her Native Dumfries and Galloway. To prepare for this, she has begun sketches of the studies of flowers by Leonardo Da Vinci as a means of learning how to  paint the three dimensional aspects of flowers.