Film Producer, Director, Writer, Actress 



I have co-produced and helped production manage over 21 Independent Feature Films for the Company Palm Tree Films. I am most known for writing the screenplay for the film about the poet Robert Burns called Red Rose. I have also written and directed 2 feature films, namely Photoshoot and Going Green.  I am currently developing feature film projects, with the Jenny Gilbertson bio pic the most advanced with a completed script. Other scripts in development include, Montana Ridge a story about the struggles of a Native American and Scottish family to survive the upheaval caused to them by the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1875. The other project is Exiled in Patagonia set at the time of the 1920 revolution there.  Not forgetting the long awaited Niall of Tara a Celtic Revivalist drama that keeps on at getting an Irish co-producer.  I'm  also in post production with a documentaries for Palm Tree Films which includes completion of the ongoing World War One project and other works for example a film about  Ethiopian Churches, which is part of Robbie Moffat's wildlife and travel series he has been developing from our Walking With Elephants and other Wildlife projects. While working for Palm Tree Universal I also have my own company, which is taking time to develop new material and seek out production partners. Rome was not built in a day and the people you work with are the ones who can run the course of a film and believe in its future.